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02:51pm 29/07/2006
  Here I am...right here. I know I just got home from being un-bored, but I can't say it was fun. My point being that I'm already fucking bored out of my mind. So bored that my brain actually feels like it might explode. That'd be cool...  
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Take it away   
10:41pm 19/07/2006
mood: annoyed
I will shed no tears. If this is how I am going to spend my days, then so be it. It's just not worth anything anymore.
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Ohhhhh deary meeee   
11:39pm 17/07/2006
mood: blank
I see tetris again. Man that game is soothing, but it gets stuck in my brain :S.

Goin a little nuts, having a hard time keeping up my little tolerency level for this kind of stuff i've been putting up with these days. Oh well, i'll just get lost in my dorky video games, achieve some supreme level of skill at it, realize it's dumb to be proud of my achievements in a non-existent world, mope a bit more, feel sorry for myself, remember the GOOD DAYS, not sleep for a few days, recharge on fatty foods, rinse and repeat. MY PATIENCE GROWS THIN.
My pathetic riddle with lame results.   
07:46pm 14/07/2006
  Only the yellow ones are key,
To this depressing mystery...


AnotherSomebody Posted 7/14/2006 4:53:45 PM
11:57pm 08/07/2006
mood: confused
My brain hurts. The rabbit hole never ends.
I am only one person   
03:26pm 24/06/2006
mood: exhausted
What do you guys wnat me to do, tear myself into a billion little pieces so that you can all have your time? I'm only one person so don't get mad if I can't accomidate your needs. I try my hardest to make everybody happy so don't kill me for not succeeding.
My wings are strapped down   
04:05pm 19/06/2006
mood: pissed off
I hate no fly zones, they make me sad.
07:28pm 17/06/2006
mood: drained
The future holds many mysteries. It illudes us and denies us our wants and needs. I have come to the conclusion that I have the slight ability to see into the far away future. Now, I can't see events or even people, but I can sense feelings. I can't really explain it, but for the next little while (at least as long as the summer), I can sense that there's going to be an extreme amount of misery in my life. But, after all that is done, I can foresee there being happiness. I can tell that eventually, I'll find what it is that will give my life a purpose, and I will attach myself to it. I don't intend on letting it go because I know that it will be the only thing to ever come along of its nature, I will only have one chance to achieve happiness. What a mind job.

I don't care what what will happen.
I don't care what's been done.
Love is not all perfect,
But it belongs to everyone.
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There's nobody here   
07:29pm 16/06/2006
mood: lonely
Man, I'm so lonely. Weekdays suck, after scholl sucks, even weekends suck. There's nobody who's here to comfort me, go out of their way to include me, or give me a hug when I'm feeling blue. It's nice to be recognized for your existence once in a while...
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Where do I see this going?   
03:39pm 08/06/2006
mood: scared
I don't. I can't see anything going anywhere, I'm not feeling depressed or anything at this time, but I just have no hope. I see no future. I don't know where I am going, or where I want to go. Everything is happening at random, without prior prediction. So many doors lie before me. I know that many of them will lead me to pain/exile, which is something I don't want. I know that others would work, but wouldn't make me happy. But then there's the mystery doors, I know what's behind them, but not what they'll yield. I can't forsee what happens. I want to investigate them... but I'm a little scared. It's like climbing into a dark hole. You know the hole is there, just not what's in it, and that is what is scary about it. It could be anything. But I'm curious, so I'll probably try my chances, see if fate has another curveball for me, or if this time is legit.
07:40am 06/06/2006
  Jujubes are good, and so is today!!  
Time is ticking   
07:27pm 05/06/2006
  4 hours and half hours  
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07:54pm 01/06/2006
mood: satisfied
07:58am 01/06/2006
mood: optimistic
I don't know if it was a true telling, or if it was bullshit. Whatever it was, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Things are finally looking up. THANK YOU!!!
Something tells me this isn't good.   
09:38pm 29/05/2006
mood: thirsty
Bliss: A temporary concept of happiness realized by those with something to die for.

Hope: Foolish fantasies designed by those with nothng to live for.

Time: All that lies between the moments with and without.
Cut Off   
08:00am 29/05/2006
mood: bored
I miss you.
Rise of the imperfect   
06:44pm 24/05/2006
  Getting back up has been a lot easier than I thought, almost too easy. WTF is wrong with me, these mood swings are quite odd. It must be *him* again. *He* knows me and what makes me happy and what makes me sad, even things I don't know about myself. It's almost as if he's the purest form of myself, like I'm some kind of messed up hybrid and he's actually the real me. *He* is everything I like and dislike about myself, *he* is all knowing of my past, and *he* disgusts me, yep, *he*'s me alright. So what am I though, what makes me so different from *him*? Is it just the fact that I'm me? But if we're exactly the same, what's the point of this seperation? There has to be more too it, I'll keep sifting through my dreams and find out what it is. There's something different about *him*, I can't describe it.

Whatever, I'll go now.
08:09am 24/05/2006
  where's the mute button? it's so loud...  
so what   
10:16pm 20/05/2006
mood: whatever
Yeah, I've been an asshole again, sorry. I had a good chat with my Dad, it really helped. I think I can honestly say now that I'm happy for you. I myself may not be happy with my own situation, but I need to take that into my own hands. I need to get back in touch with that which makes me happy. But for some reason, all of you guys are mad at me.
oh well   
06:28pm 20/05/2006
mood: empty
DSNWNBAA METER: -2 ( i can't do it )